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Home Plumbing & Heating in Aztec offers a number of heating services and products for homes and businesses. We offer emergency service and repair when necessary.
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Our experienced Aztec HVAC experts install and repair furnaces of any type, including gas, electric, and oil. Conventional furnaces exhaust combustion gases quickly and while they’re hot so gases exit the chimney flue before cooling and condensing. Condensing furnaces exhaust cooled and condensed air from the chimney. We work with single stage, dual stage, and modulating furnaces. From installing new or replacement furnaces to making minor or major repairs, we are the company to call. If you need a filter change or system cleaning, we can do that as well. Whether it’s a faulty wire or a large repair such as a new blower motor, we’ll give you a straightforward estimate, informing you of whether a repair or replacement is more economical.

Forced Air

Home Plumbing & Heating also works with forced air heating, a system that distributes heat throughout your house using air to carry it. Heated air travels through a system of ducts and is expelled into vents in different rooms to maintain a specific temperature. These systems are very efficient and are made to be incorporated with central air conditioning. We install, repair, and service all forced air systems.

Hydronic In-Floor

Our Aztec HVAC contractors also install and repair hydronic in-floor heating. This type of system can be used with a gas or oil boiler. It uses water heated tubing underneath the floors to heat tile and hardwood flooring. These systems make your home more comfortable and also reduce heating costs by 25 to 50 percent because they keep the floor warm which also keeps the room warmer and prevents the heat from running as often. Whether you want to upgrade your home with this comfortable heating system or you need a repair to maintain those comfortable floors, we can get the work done for you.


Home Plumbing & Heating also works with baseboard heaters, which are zone heaters installed underneath windows and are controlled with thermostats in the same room. They are efficient, quiet in operation, and easy to install. We install and repair any type of baseboard heating.


We also install and repair boilers, which can provide more comfort than gas furnaces. Boilers heat water which is circulated through copper tubing to generate hydronic radiant heat. We are experienced in maintaining and repairing venting, gas piping, copper lines, values, water quality, expansion tanks, circulating pumps, and more.

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